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Lin yuting


As a curator focused on Crypto Arts and a core contributor of TingDAO, Ms. Dora Lin produced the 2021 CATS NFTs Global Exhibitions. The series of events, with plans for installments in 18 countries aroun d the world, has already attracted more than 500,000 visitors, both in person and online, in Shanghai, Beijing, New York City, and Venezuela. She has also co founded CryptoArt Panda, the largest community of crypto artists in China. Earlier, she was one of the key drivers behind Crypto Art Week Asia (CryptoArt Panda Grand Exhibition for Chinese Artists, and the HECO Community Metaverse Art Festival. She has also contributed to the joint exhibition of TingMuseum and International Olymp’Arts.

As a co llector, Dora Lin owns over 200 works of various styles produced by artists across Asia, Latin America, and Europe. She is especially interested in artists who utilize technology, especially Artificial Intelligence, to approach topics crucial to the humani ties and the world.