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Li Zhengzhong

Resume of “Li Zhengzhong”

Li Zhengzhong
Born in Shanghai on March 19, 1995.
2011 School of Visual Art New York Institute of Visual Arts (comics and graphic design)
2013 graduated from high school affiliated to Fudan Institute of Visual Arts
2014 exchange study in Italy
2020 graduated from the Art Department of the University of Japan
2021 member of Shanghai Young Artists Association

Main exhibitors:

  1. The graphic novel 2011 School of visual art, New York
  2. Growth – 2013 Shanghai Youth Art Exhibition 2013 China Art Palace, Shanghai
  3. “This is a great exhibition! 90 + white paper” 2014 Shanghai Mingyuan Art Museum, Shanghai
  4. Four is not 2015 Mao space art space Shanghai
  5. Consciousness of Chinese contemporary art, 2016, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai
  6. Animation aesthetics Biennale 2018 MoCA Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai

Main curators:

  1. Gang photo exchange exhibition 2015 Shanghai
  2. Tedxsuzhousalon 2016 Suzhou
  3. Visible voice MoCA Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum 2016 Shanghai
  4. Standing on the inertia of moving and rhythm bbuzzart Korean Academy of culture 2016 Shanghai
  5. “How much I fear being heard, how much I want to be heard” 2016 Shanghai
  6. Boundless Shanghai indie & Huoju live Mao live house 2016 Shanghai
  7. One flower, one world art exhibition of Shanghai Design capital activity week 2016 Shanghai
    2016 Shanghai Art Exhibition Co organized by Du Peng
  8. Daydreamer GIF Exhibition Shanghai International Art Festival media art exhibition 2016 Shanghai
  9. “Gathering” co organized Shanghai MOCA Contemporary Art Museum 2017 Shanghai
  10. Animation aesthetics Biennale Shanghai MOCA Contemporary Art Museum 2018 Shanghai
  11. Circular Internet cafe OCAT Research Center 2018 Beijing
  12. Kamata Guangsi Shanghai solo exhibition small art museum 2019 Shanghai
  13. Magic house small art museum 2019 Shanghai
  14. Small Art Museum of catching mosquitoes and flies 2019 Shanghai
  15. Long ears small art museum 2020 Shanghai
  16. Small Art Museum of flower arrangement art exhibition 2020 Shanghai
  17. Flower and bird reaction flower and bird island 2021 Shengsi
  18. Multiple universes flower and bird island 2021 Shengsi
  19. Wandering shelter small art museum 2021 Shanghai

Organizational work
In 2015, a youth platform of “gathering together” was established
Lecture tour in 17 universities in 2016
Tedxsuzhousalon (Group Lecture & group exhibition)
Planning “MOCA x gathering musicians” project
Planning the “Gang Ju Art Pavilion” project