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Li Yemeng


“Li YeMeng
The first initiator of IP “”sustainable rebirth”” focusing on art and sustainable development in China,
Shanghai Yuxuan creative Co., Ltd
Co founder of Shanghai sustainable new life culture technology Co., Ltd
Independent curator (/ creator focusing on environmental protection and sustainable ecology

2020 Forbes U30
2021 Tatler GenT Asia
2021 Shanghai ecological and environmental protection Promotion Ambassador
Green Women Power List 100

In 2019, it launched and planned domestic environmental protection and sustainable cross-border art exhibitions: “”continuous anti Ying”” (Beijing Art Museum) and “”continuous new”” (Shanghai new Institute). In the same year, it created China’s first IP “”continuous new”” with culture and art to promote sustainable development, so as to touch the three-dimensional sustainability of ecology, state of affairs and mentality through artistic innovation. The platform gathers 300 + environmental protection and sustainable creators from five continents around the world. Through two offline exhibitions, it has led 3 million + viewers of the whole platform into ecological art and won in-depth reports from 80 + media at home and abroad. During the period, more than 50 events established innovative cooperative relations with 20 + world-famous brands and 30 + industry leaders to comprehensively promote the goal of the historic mission of “”double carbon”” in the form of Exhibition +.

We believe that creativity is the core of sustainable development. Through the language of art, we can plant the seed of “”sustainability”” in the hearts of more people. From the perspective of art, we will cooperate with domestic and foreign public welfare institutions and brands, conduct multi-dimensional marketing, and stimulate individual (and corporate social responsibility through multiple sensory experiences. Continue to voice, create and lead the sustainable cultural trend. Promote the green transformation of all walks of life with the power of creativity, guide the public to carry out green consumption, help promote the “”green recovery”” of the world economy after the epidemic, and make the sustainable “”living”” style and “”public”” often integrate.”