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Li Jinxian

Introduction to Li Jinxian
Born in 1953 in Xianyou, Fujian
Professor, sculpture department, Xiamen Academy of Arts and crafts, Fuzhou University
Vice president of Fujian Sculpture Society
Contemporary Chinese female sculptor.
The superposition of multiple identities makes it natural to think about the modern expression of traditional crafts. The sculpture works “”flower rhyme”” series, “”flowers bloom”” series, “”beauty • fish”” series and “”Chinese balance”” series use the “”art”” of traditional lacquer art to express the modern “”form”” and “”meaning””. The works have won national and provincial awards for many times, have been invited to participate in art exhibitions at home and abroad for many times, and have been collected by art galleries, museums, Chinese Olympic Committee, Beijing Great Hall of the people and individual collectors at home and abroad.
In 2006, he was rated as a sculpture master loved by Chinese collectors by China collectors association.
In 2012, she was included in the album of Chinese contemporary female sculptors organized and compiled by the all China Women’s Federation.