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Jiang Chaoxian

Jiang Chaoxian
Calligraphy and painting appraisers, calligraphers and painters, scholars, poets and collectors.
In the 1970s, he was a graduate student of “”Research on fashion aesthetics, art and new audio-visual”” at Universidad de Barcelona.

Curator of Suzhou Sanyuan Art Museum
Director of Hong Kong Tang and song calligraphy and Painting Research Foundation
Member of Chinese Poetry Society
Member of China cultural relics Society
Vice president of lacquer and enamel Professional Committee of cultural relics Society
Expert member of China art appraisal committee
Expert member of China folk collection appraisal committee
Director of China Poetry Association
Editorial board member of “”calligraphy literature””
Deputy editor in chief of calligraphy of the Republic of China
Former deputy editor of Zhongzhou poetry magazine

research field
Collection and appraisal of Chinese calligraphy and painting (ancient part), enamel ware of the Qing palace, and cultural creativity of Ru porcelain.
Academic experience and achievements
He has studied poetry, calligraphy and painting since childhood. He is a disciple of Mr. Fu Shen, an international famous scholar in the history of art and a master of calligraphy and painting appraisal. Calligraphy and painting works have won awards and exhibitions in domestic exhibitions for many times, and some works are scattered with major shooting venues.
He once presided over and planned the exhibition of Xie zhiliu, Chen peiqiu, Fu Shen and Lu Rong, which was hosted by the Ministry of culture and tourism. The exhibition was grandly opened in the Wuying Hall of the Palace Museum on November 16, 2018. It is a rare cultural exhibition with artistic and cultural significance and far-reaching influence in China in recent years. Successfully planned national calligraphy, painting and poetry activities such as “”earth cup””, “”stone man mountain Cup”” and “”Dukang Cup””. He once served as a judge of the 2008 World Chinese Gala “”Spring Festival Gala”” competition, “”Yaoshan Cup”” Chinese poetry Grand Prix and other competitions. Successfully operated the auction of “”Qing Qianlong copper gilded flower and water method lucky gourd clock””. The clock was sold for 78.2 million yuan at the auction held by Beijing Poly International Auction Co., Ltd. on June 5, 2011, setting the world auction record of Chinese court clocks and watches, which has not been broken so far.
In recent years, he devoted himself to the study of calligraphy in the Tang Dynasty, and cooperated with the teacher Mr. Fu Shen to compile the post examination of Li bairidicule and Wang Liyang refusing to drink (published by the National Palace Museum), which caused a great sensation in the industry. He has successively published books and paintings in Sanyu jingshe collection, Wang Wenzhi’s running script, Henan fine arts publishing house, Chen Jichang’s Jiucheng palace, Henan fine arts publishing house, calligraphy of the Republic of China, Henan fine arts publishing house (the first prize of the National Book Golden Elephant award in 2016), and the new classic series of previous dynasties – Buddhist scriptures in the northern and Southern Dynasties, Kang Youwei’s scriptures in the Sui Dynasty, scriptures written by Tang people in Dunhuang Scripture cave Fragments of the golden light Sutra of the Northern Song Dynasty, Henan fine arts publishing house, epitaphs of the founding Duke of the Tang Dynasty, a collection of works exhibited by Xie zhiliu, Chen peiqiu, Fu Shen and Lu Rongzhi, the Palace Museum publishing house, Fu Shen on Zhang Daqian, Zhejiang University Publishing House and other books. He has published more than 50 academic research achievements in domestic professional journals, such as the examination of Huang Shen’s birthday picture (Chinese calligraphy and painting magazine), Wang Wenzhi Lin Dong siweng (Oriental Art and calligraphy magazine), Zhao Lengyue’s Calligraphy Research (calligraphy literature special issue), etc.
In 2015, he served as the vice president of the lacquer and enamel Professional Committee of the cultural relics society, which was established under the leadership of the National Palace Museum, and engaged in the research of enamel utensils in the Qing palace. In recent years, he has been invited to teach enamel, calligraphy and painting appraisal courses in Tsinghua University, Capital Normal University and other universities for many times.