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Guo Huiyang

Guo Huiyang holds a bachelor’s degree in Art design from Jingdezhen Ceramic University, and a master’s degree in fashion Art Management from University of Barcelona, Spain. this
During the period, I founded cat House Studio to promote CG illustration and held cat House Studio CG illustration exhibition. 2012-2017
· Contributed articles for NetEase’s “”Warrior X Warrior”” and Tencent’s “”Honor of Kings””, and participated in the production of the CG animated film “”Super Star””.
During this period, I served as the art director in Optical Travel Network Technology Co., LTD., and participated in the research and development of the mobile game “”Throne War””.
In 2017, I founded Zangke Culture and Art (Xiamen) Co., LTD., served as the art director, and created lusitania the Child.
“”Cube Series””, “”Freak Kids”” and other Series of works, among which “”Zangke – Solo Dance – Rust Gold”” won the United States in 2021
Nominated for The Best Sculpture Award, Designer Toys Awards continues to explore the possibilities and unknown horizons of art in life.