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Godwin Liu

With a magical life practice, Godwin Liu has experienced all kinds of underclass life and bizarre events. And the coldness, loneliness and misery of the world have built his passionate desire to pursue art. Three series of Liu’s work come down to the deep exploration of emotions, the excavation of dreams and souls, even the divine redemption through the struggle of human nature. Since the beginning of 2020, Liu has been keeping on the way to sublimating his art. The new style of Liu’s works is born out of the sudden worldwide catastrophe, including a series of paintings and sculptures. Among these, Liu has created a five-people combined sculpture named “Apocalyp-topia/space angles” in 2020, wishing to warm up the world through his art. Liu has created numerous works with the perception of the present scenes from 2020 to 2021. The exploration of future and the pursuit of illusion are Liu’s natural reactions. As he said, the world has never been close to him, so he lives in an illusion of reality and wanders in a fantasy of the real world.