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Dorami, Illustrator. Trendy Toy Designer.
Graduated from the Communication University of China (Animation Department, Game Desigr
Direction), and her images of Xiao Xin wearing tide brands, Xiao Wan Zi, and Pikachu have been
reprinted by many media such as HYPEBEAST, Tencent Fashion, Fashion Bazaar, yoho! She has
also been interviewed specially by the Beijing TV documentary channel Fashion
by Jiangsu TV’s Whos Still Standing. program.
She has had illustration and promotion cooperation with adidas. Y3, ducplay, FivePlus. Ali the
evocrarcen.umamusmandmanvother domesuc and intemnationall brands, ker tcam has
created personal clothing brands for artists such as Zheng Kai and Lin Yun.
She has co laborac
him and I V sches such as “”Pancake Man””.
“”Star Brothers
Bounty Hunter and “”Dream Partner to illustrate derivatives
Specially invited artist for Tencents Produce 101″”
Produce 101 17019 SonTana’
omer relevant proces.
Personal toy brand Slecpie was established in 2020, and collaborated with IP station, Lucky Lucks
Joy, Japanese cartoonist-Junj Ito to design the relevant blind box gift derivatives.