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Daiv Chen(Chen Weihao)

“DAIV, a young artist, trend artist and illustrator, has a strong sense of magic reality and comedy in his creation style, with strong contrast of visual colors. He is good at extracting current cultural elements such as hip-hop, street and fashion, combined with his unique understanding of fashion, and created personal IP. He expressed humanity and emotion with the figure of the Daiv hat, and boldly presented the interaction between the real world and mood and emotion through artistic vision. In DAIV’s works, we can see the artist’s strong perception of life. Beneath the surface, there is the artist’s personal interpretation of contemporary life, Internet self-healing and other hot topics.
In 2021, the author will make good use of blue as the main color of his works. Klein blue is known as the absolute blue. The pure and strong color can always arouse pure spiritual perception. Klein blue, as a popular color, is also a visual commodity under the incubation of consumerism and capital. Fashion artist DAIV’s latest creation in the past two years covers painting, sculpture, installation, animation, graffiti, multimedia animation and other forms of expression. The artist will take the audience into the world of little Man Daiv, through his perspective to experience a seemingly absurd and chaotic illusion, but always connected with the reality of the kaleidoscope of life, the artist interpreted his ideas of capital, money, real and virtual, social landscape and self-healing in his works.”