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Chen Zhiguang

Mr. Chen Zhiguang was born in Xiamen, Fujian Province in 1963. Graduated from Fine Arts Institute of Fujian Normal University in 1988, Mr. Chen is currently member of the Standing Committee of the China Sculpture Association, member of International Visitor Leadership Program initiated by U.S. State Department, researcher of City Design School of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, guest professor of Modern Art School of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts.
In the sector of contemporary art, the name “Chen Zhiguang” is always associated with “ants”, as he has been trying to make art design out of the image of “ants” in different ways in recent years. He enlarged the “ants” in his design to an extent that no one can ignore the existence of the micro creature. He made the tiny and common creature into different shapes via personification, so that the “ants” he created became a part of real human life and an existence of actual space, which demonstrate his idea of Universal Existentialism.
Mr. Chen has held many large scale solo exhibitions in cities across China since 2006, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Fuzhou, and received extensive attention from the art industry and local residents. In addition, he has been invited to participate in international exhibitions in USA, France, Germany, Sweden and other countries. He also has visited Europe and USA as a visiting artist. Many of his works are collected by art galleries and art lovers all over the world, and some of his large-sized works can be seen in the public places of various cities in China.