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Aru Meng

She is an actress and a singer, but without the gorgeous packaging, the real her is an artist named ARU MENG, who is a fantasy and unpredictable art creator. “Actors and artists have the same essence, which. Is a flow of emotions.” ARU said.Born in 1991, she taught herself to explore the field of art, without a limited framework.
The world she created is more attractive and unique. Her work shows a strong personal style, dare to try multimedia and can create without drafts. Relying on the emotions of the moment of creation as inspiration, the innocent thoughts that can touch the deepest part of
people’s heart.
Her character, ARU, is a fictional alien with a separated head from body ,which is not limited to any one image, has no a specific size, and can exist alone or coexist around the world. It might be anyone or be a vehicle for showing ideal- ization in the heart. During the creation, ARU MENG hopes that people will project themselves into the work while ap- preciating the artwork, to feel the infiltration of emotions at this moment as the mood changes. Everyone will have their unique code for explanation, like having a resonance simul- taneously, receiving infinite comfort or loneliness in the heart.

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